The Newsletter for PrestaShop module makes it possible for you to send newsletters to your customers from within your PrestaShop back office. With this module, you will not need to use a separate newsletter program. Once you have installed the Newsletter for PrestaShop module, you're ready to send your first Newsletter.

There are also several areas and options within the Send a Newsletter page that you may want to become more familiar with and use in the future. For now, we will focus on the most important configuration settings and options when sending a newsletter from PrestaShop.

  1. In the PrestaShop back office, you should be on the Send a newsletter page under the Customers tab.


  2. Before sending your first newsletter, if you have a CSV file of subscribers that you wish to import, you can do so near the top of the page:


  3. In the Archives area you can manage backups of previously sent newsletters, manage your newsletter templates, and view your logs. The backups and logs will be empty if this is your first newsletter, but you can refer to these in the future if needed.


  4. In the Subject area you can leave the default subject created by the module, or change the subject to one you prefer. If you choose to save your newsletter as a template (in just a few steps) the template will be named with this subject.


  5. In the BlockNewsletter Email List section, you may notice a warning that the pss_newssubscribers module is not installed. While this module can make viewing and managing your subscribers easier, it is not necessary to install it for sending newsletters, so you can disregard that warning unless you want to install and use that particular module for viewing and managing subscribers.
  6. The Message area is where you create and edit your newsletter to send out to your customers. One of the great features in the Newsletter for PrestaShop module is that you can use templates. You can choose (and edit) a template included with the module or create and save your own newsletter template. To load a template, select the button for Insert Predefined Template Content (in the last row of the editor under message).



    You can use variables in the message to pull in the corresponding information for your customers. Variables include:
    %CIVILITY% Salutation (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.)
    %FIRSTNAME% Customer's first name
    %LASTNAME% Customer's last name
    %MAIL% Customer's email address
    %LINK% Link to view the email in your browser
    %SUB% Link to subscribe to the list
    %UNSUB% Link to unsubscribe from the list
  7. The Configuration area is where you can set the rate limit of your newsletter emails, the email address your newsletters will come from, as well as the name which will be displayed as the sender of the newsletter email.

    On Web Hosting Hub servers, there is a limit to the number of emails that can be sent per hour (250 messages per domain, per hour). This is for the protection of our servers and to help prevent spam. If your mailing list is greater than 250 email addresses, the first 250 messages would be sent, but the remaining messages would not. You would also not be albe to send emails from any email account on that domain for one hour. If you have a need to send more than 250 emails per hour, you can submit an Email Limit Exception Request through AMP. Requests are handled on a case by case basis by our Systems Team.

    In the Emails per minute field, enter in a value low enough so that you will not exceed the 250 emails per hour limit. Be sure to allow for any other emails you may want to send in the regular course of business as well, not just the newsletter emails to be sent out. For example, 4 emails per minute will allow you to send another 10 emails in that hour, while 3 emails per minute will allow you to send another 70 emails in the same hour. Choose a number that best fits your needs. This will need to be set each time you send a newsletter.


  8. Before sending out your newsletter to your subscriber list, it's best to send yourself a test email to review how the newsletter will appear to your customers. Under the Test area, check the box next to Mailer Test and enter your email address in the field provided.


  9. Once you've tested your newsletter and your satisfied with the way it looks, under the Block Subscribers or Customers area, select the customers you want to send your newsletter to.


  10. If you wish to save this message as a template, check the box next to Save this mail as template.


  11. Click Send Mails to begin sending your newsletter.


  12. This will take you to a page where you can see the status of your newsletter batch. Depending on the number of emails you are sending, this can take some time to process.

    Do not close this page while emails are still sending. If you need to do other work in your PrestaShop back office while the email queue is processing, open a separate tab in your browser or separate browser window to work in other areas. When the status changes to 100%, Finished, it is safe to close the page or click the Back button at the bottom of this page.


Congratulations, you've sent your first newsletter from the PrestaShop back office. Now, anytime you want to let your customers know about new products, sales, etc. you can compose and send a newsletter to keep them updated.

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