A CNAME is used if you want to point a hostname to another hostname. There are different reasons that you may need to create a CNAME, but remember that this is a more advanced tool that is only used in special circumstances. If you need to create a CNAME, generally the destination of the CNAME Record will provide you the address that the CNAME needs to be pointed to. In this example, we will point the CNAME of calendar to ghs.google.com. This will allow anyone that goes to calendar.whhsupport.com to be automatically re-directed to our Google Calendar.

A CNAME allows you to reference a URL without using an IP address. You can call it an alias or shortcut, but it basically provides a way for you to reference another location on the web in a more friendly manner. Example:

Let's say that you have need to provide a reference table from another website location that has a website URL that looks like this:


You know that the URL goes to a tidal chart for navigation purposes, but the URL isn't friendly and visitors will not have any idea what the link is for, unless you provide a description. You can also make it a lot easier to remember by simply giving it an alias or CNAME!

To make it easier to remember, you decide that the name you will use for your CNAME is: tidal-charts

The actual CNAME record would be the URL you are connecting to: captainslogbook.com/33496571tid/annual/

If your domain name was http://domain_name.com, then the link you have created with your new CNAME is: http://tidal-charts.domain_name.com

The URL is much shorter and easier to remember! That is the power of using a CNAME.

Note: As of 11/28/2012, all servers now have the ability to use the Advanced DNS Editor. This allows the additional ability of editing existing DNS records, including records created when an account is created.

  1. To create a CNAME Record, first log into your account cPanel. In your cPanel, click on "Simple DNS Zone Editor" under the "Domains" sub-header:
  2. Next, select your domain from the drop down menu. This will automatically load new options that will allow you to add a CNAME Record. Under the "CNAME Record" option, put in the subdomain that you want to create and the hostname that you want to point the subdomain to.
  3. Once you have put in the information, click on "Add CNAME Record." Once it is added, it will now display at the bottom of the screen under "User-Defined Records":

Note that in your simple DNS Zone Editor, you are not able to create a CNAME Record for any subdomains that are already reserved, only for newly created subdomains. If you attempt to create a CNAME on a subdomain that already exists (for example mail, webmail, and cpanel), you will receive this error message:


If you need to make a change to an existing subdomain, please contact our Support Team for further assistance. When requesting a CNAME change, be sure to include the CNAME you want changed and  the domain name (e.g. mail.yourdomain.com). If your request is sent via an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , be sure to include account verification with either your AMP password or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file.

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