It is common for websites to evolove over their lifespan. During this evolution, it is likely that you will change the program used to create the site. You will, however, want to first test new programs to find the ones that are best for you while not interrupting the normal operation of your existing website. This is most often done by installing the program and building a test site within a subfolder or subdomain.

What is a subfolder?

Typically, a subfolder is used to either divide a sites content categorically, such as and or even for storing files such as and In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to install a program into a subfolder so you can test the program and/or build a new version of your site. You will access this area with a URL similar to or or even

What is a subdomain?

Much like a subfolder, a subdomain is used to separate different areas of a site. On the server side, it looks exactly like a subfolder. Accessing a subdomain in the address bar of your web browser is the main difference. For example a subfolder is accessed as we discussed above ( whereas a subdomain is part of a domain's URL and the subdomain's name is in front of the main domain, such as or You can learn to add a subdomain to your account by following this article.

Installing programs into a subfolder

You can install the new test program by using the Softaculous tool found in your cPanel. When choosing a program to install, you will see an installation data screen. On this screen there is a field that allows you to choose a specific subfolder in which to install the program. This folder name should not already exist and will be created during the program's installation. Generally, you want to name it something significant, such as the name of the program or 'test', for instance.

The In Directory field is where you will enter the name of the folder. For example, it is named joomla. This means the regular website will exist at and the joomla version of the site will be located at

Installing programs into a subdomain

The process of using a subdomain differs slightly from that of a subfolder. The subdomain must already exist, and can be created via the instructions in this guide. Also, the subdomain is chosen by using the dropdown labeled Choose Domain. This means you will delete any default value in the In Directory field, leaving it blank. If we created a subdomain named, that will be the URL you type in the address bar to visit the test site, while the regular site will still exist at


Feel free to test as many programs as you desire using either method. Testing more than one program at a time with different subfolders or subdomains can help you compare them and see the differences almost side by side. Once you have decided which program you want to use, and have your new site version created, you will be ready to move it from the test folder to your main domain.

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2013-04-07 4:59 pm
This is a useful article. Is there a limit on the number of folders or subdomains that we may have?
Also,would there be any programs that we could not install in subdomain or subfolder?

17,314 Points
2013-04-08 5:58 pm
Hello George99,

Thanks for the question. There is a logical limit, but it's normally put at a very high value that you wouldn't hit it. However, if it is hit, then the account is reviewed and the number can be increased. Remember that for programs that can or cannot be installed depends on the server requirements and access to the server. You are not given SSH access on a Web Hosting Hub account. If the program falls within the server requirements provided by Web Hosting Hub, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Check out Softaculous for more information on the many programs that can be installed using this installer program available in Cpanel:

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.
Community Support
2,132 Points
2013-04-08 8:31 pm
Hello George!

You can create unlimited subfolders for your subdomains. You can install any program you want using Softaculous.

James R

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